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PK Consulting has over 17 years experience working with cutting-edge telecommunications companies. Our long history with T1 companies has allowed us to pass along special savings to our select customers. Leverage our special relationships and save. To find out what Coos County T1 internet service options (including DSL, bonded T1, and DS3 service) enter your information below and you'll be looking at the prices of all the plans available for your location in just seconds.

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The Evolution of Integrated T1 Service
Wednesday September 10, 2014, 11:23 pm ET

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah, Sep. 10 /Patrick Oborn/ -- During the 2000 Internet bubble meltdown, the telecom industry learned the hard way that wild spending on network infrastructure was not the best approach to attracting new business and investment. Over the past 7 years the industry, particularly the CLECs (Competitive Local Exchange Carriers) have been focusing on building products that offer more bang for the buck in order to compete with the Bells in their own backyards. One product that has become the flagship offering to small to medium size businesses is the dynamic integrated T1 line, which combines all the usefulness of 24 regular phone lines into a singe T-1 capable of delivering high-speed broadband on the same connection.

From 1997 to 2007, the average cost of a POTS (plain old telephone service) line from the Bells has hovered in the $50 - $80 per month price range. During this same time period, integrated DS1 (digital signal 1) lines - which is the equivalent of 24 standard lines - have come down in price from $1000 per month to $400. Small to medium size businesses who have more than 5 phone lines can now actually save money by upgrading their service.

Min Lieu owns a small insurance agency in New Hampshire. Five years ago he signed up with XO Communications for a TDM-based integrated T1 line for $870/month, which did not include local or long distance calling. Recently, he was offered XO's version of a dynamic circuit called "XO Flex" for half of the price he was already paying. "I would have been a fool not to take the deal" stated Mr. Lieu. "I'm able to add headcount with additional voice lines, without any increase in expense or degradation in high-speed Internet performance."

"Like Forrest Gump said, finding the right phone service for your business is like a box of chocolates - you never know what you're going to get" joked Elizabeth Forest of Detroit, Michigan. "Before finding Cavalier Telephone through my Telarus agent, I was mislead into signing up for services that weren't a good fit for my business. Add to that the billing inaccuracies and the hassle it was to get everything straightened out. My new integrated T1 works flawlessly, I am able to get full T1 data speeds when no one is on the phone, and I don't fear opening the bill when it arrives in the mail each month."

Until deregulation allowed smaller, hungrier telecommunications companies the ability to compete, the United States was stuck with technologies that were quickly becoming out of date. Now that the Bells actually have to innovate to keep up with the smaller CLECs, customer everywhere are reaping the benefits. Will this train of innovation, lower prices, and services that add value to SMB's continue to roll down the tracks of progress? It's all up to our government - and which political party controls the FCC. Without the deregulation act of 1996, we would have never known just how much the CLECs were capable of.

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