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PK Consulting has over 17 years experience working with cutting-edge telecommunications companies. Our long history with T1 companies has allowed us to pass along special savings to our select customers. Leverage our special relationships and save. To find out what Coos County T1 internet service options (including DSL, bonded T1, and DS3 service) enter your information below and you'll be looking at the prices of all the plans available for your location in just seconds.

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Flexible Products, Lower Prices
Thursday September 11, 2014, 08:34 am ET

DRAPER, Utah, Sep. 11 /Patrick Oborn/ -- Business broadband, its price, and who can afford it, are changing. Every day an increasing number of business are finding the new broadband services made available to them by the "new" telecommunications companies that are emerging from the latest round of mergers and acquisitions. Overlapping networks are being consolidated into bigger and leaner footprints, lowering the cost of dynamic integrated digital signal 1 (DS1) service to the price range of about five regular phone lines. Small to medium size business can now afford services once reserved for the Fortune 1000 companies.

The New Hampshire area is one place in particular where the analog to digital revolution is gaining traction. One business owner we interviewed about his recent decision to become a digital convert, Peter Anderson, explained that "my biggest hindrance was my ignorance. Had I known that there was a solution that would allow me to increase the number of voice lines, get a full T1 (1.5 MB) of high-speed Internet, all for less than I was paying for my POTS/DSL configuration, I would have made the move a long time ago." Many others like Mr. Anderson are coming to the same conclusion.

The early adapters of this new technology have realized a cost savings that helps them be more competitive in the market space. By saving hundreds of dollars each month, which equates to thousands of dollars per year, small businesses are able to do more while spending less on their telecom bill. This savings allows for hiring of additional staff, upgrading equipment, and other activities that make the enterprise more productive and profitable. Many in the industry see the lack of mass adoption of this new technology as just shear ignorance and/or a lack of trust for telecom sales people.

Integrated T1s comes in two basic configurations: digital and analog trunks, with a trunk being a 24-line (or channel) bundle. The newer, digital trunks, however, are able to run both voice and data over the same channels. By assigning priority to the voice traffic whenever it is present, a dynamic integrated trunk can provide the end-user with a full 1.5 MBPS of data throughput if no phone calls are in progress. As more voice lines are required, less data lines are available. Analog trunks are all pre-assigned to either voice or data traffic, and do not reconfigure in the event there is no voice traffic.

Will this train of innovation, lower prices, and services that add value to SMB's continue to roll down the tracks of progress? It's all up to our government - and which political party controls the FCC. Without the deregulation act of 1996, we would have never known just how much the CLECs were capable of. With the help of super-CLECs like XO Communications, PAETEC, Nuvox, One Communications, Cavalier Telephone, and TelePacific, small business owners everywhere now have access to non-Bell service that is on par or better than those being offered by the former Bells. Integrated T1s that do more and cost less have transformed into a solid beach head for the newcomers.

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