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PK Consulting has over 17 years experience working with cutting-edge telecommunications companies. Our long history with T1 companies has allowed us to pass along special savings to our select customers. Leverage our special relationships and save. To find out what Jenkins T1 internet service options (including DSL, bonded T1, and DS3 service) enter your information below and you'll be looking at the prices of all the plans available for your location in just seconds.

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"I needed a needed a new solution for my business. Our DSL line just kept going down and my 15 employees would just stand around waiting for it to come back up. The lack of stability was choking my business, so I decided to go on the hunt for a T1. When I started, I didn't know which carrier was best, or what a competitive price was. Heck, I didn't even know if I could get T1 internet service here in Jenkins. Luckily, Google directed me to this page and I was able to make contact with a knowledgeable and experienced broadband consultant that narrowed the field down to XO and AT&T. Now I am the proud owner of a new XO data T1 line, which is stable, reliable, and not much more than I was paying for my old DSL line."

Jerry Dehaven
Jenkins, Missouri

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Dynamic T1 Services Take Root
Monday October 06, 2014, 09:52 am ET

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah, Oct. 06 /Patrick Oborn/ -- Small businesses all over the country are discovering a whole new universe of broadband access. As the price of commercial-grade telecommunication services continues to drop, more and more enterprises are starting to drop their plain old telephone service lines in favor of all-digital T1 trunks that deliver voice and data over the same connection. These new enhancements were made possible by the increasing pace of consolidation in the telecommunication industry along with the increasing value bigger phone companies can provide.

Dynamic integrated T1s are a fairly new phenomenon. Unlike their analog counterparts that can never deviate from their initial set up configurations, dynamic T1s are able to convert voice phone calls into data packets and them prioritize their delivery through an all-digital trunk. The ability to break everything down into the lowest common denominator (digital) allows the system to change on-the-fly to reclaim phone lines for high speed Internet the second the phone call is terminated. An integrated T1 essentially provides the end user the same service as one data T1 line and one voice T1 line, for half the cost.

"The marriage of lower price points and feature-rich T-1 services have made it so that customers can now get more bang for less buck" observed Kent Stallions, telecom expert at PK Communications. "The good old days of the Bells charging people $50/month for regular POTs lines without them having another alternative are over. With the advent of sub-$450 dynamic integrated T1 service, businesses are able to get up to 1.5 Mbps of Internet connectivity and 24 phone lines all in one package, for less than what they pay now for 5 regular phone lines" Stallions continued.

Missouri is a place that we found was a hot spot for small business owners making the move over to dynamic T-1 lines. One business owner that we interviewed gave glowing reviews of his move to TelePacific's "OnePac" dynamic product. Keith Gray explained "I used to have a regular integrated T1 with 10 voice lines and 14 data channels. When no one was using the phone in my office, we were limited to just 896 KB of bandwidth. After searching on the Internet for better options, I found that I could reduce my price from $850/month to $500/month, and at the same time have 14 voice lines and 1.5 mbps of broadband. I didn't take long for me to pull the trigger and make the change."

Will this train of innovation, lower prices, and services that add value to SMB's continue to roll down the tracks of progress? It's all up to our government - and which political party controls the FCC. Without the deregulation act of 1996, we would have never known just how much the CLECs were capable of. With the help of super-CLECs like XO Communications, PAETEC, Nuvox, One Communications, Cavalier Telephone, and TelePacific, small business owners everywhere now have access to non-Bell service that is on par or better than those being offered by the former Bells. Integrated T1s that do more and cost less have transformed into a solid beach head for the newcomers.

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