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PK Consulting has over 18 years experience working with cutting-edge telecommunications companies. Our long history with T1 companies has allowed us to pass along special savings to our select customers. Leverage our special relationships and save. To find out what Tampa T1 internet service options (including DSL, bonded T1, and DS3 service) enter your information below and you'll be looking at the prices of all the plans available for your location in just seconds.

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"I needed a needed a new solution for my business. Our DSL line just kept going down and my 15 employees would just stand around waiting for it to come back up. The lack of stability was choking my business, so I decided to go on the hunt for a T1. When I started, I didn't know which carrier was best, or what a competitive price was. Heck, I didn't even know if I could get T1 internet service here in Tampa. Luckily, Google directed me to this page and I was able to make contact with a knowledgeable and experienced broadband consultant that narrowed the field down to Broadwing and XO. Now I am the proud owner of a new Broadwing data T1 line, which is stable, reliable, and not much more than I was paying for my old DSL line."

Bob Jenkins
Tampa, Florida

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CLECs Target SMBs with Dynamic T1
Monday December 01, 2014, 03:46 am ET

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah, Dec. 01 /Patrick Oborn/ -- Higher productivity for small to medium sized businesses is just around the corner thanks to commercial grade broadband services that are now being delivered at a fraction of their previous cost. Due to the ever increasing competitive marketplace and a mad dash to consolidate networks, telecoms are offering their premium business services to small businesses for a fraction of what they used to cost just a few years ago. Businesses who use more than four regular phone lines can now upgrade to dynamic integrated T-carrier circuits for the same price.

Given the fact that many companies still to this day have yet to make the change to digital SIP-trunking enabled dynamic T1s, one must ask why the delay? The value proposition that dynamic adds and the economic benefits are there, however, the technology is slow to be adopted by mainstream corporations. One reason for this lag is the bad reputation that telecom companies have built for themselves through the meltdown of the industry from 2000 to 2003, when many companies either went out of business, merged with other larger companies, or just hunkered down and weathered the storm. Now that the industry has made great strides to stabilize by offering better rates, better products, and better customer service, small business owners are gradually starting to listen to the presentations being made by consultants and inside sales agents. With that increase in confidence, and with the growing number of testimonials being offered by happy customers, businesses are becoming less reluctant to make the jump.

The adoption of any new telecommunications platform is never instantaneous. Many technologies, like VoIP for example, have been in the works for years without gaining much traction. Enterprises see communications as their life blood. Even though many are becoming aware of newer, cheaper mediums by which they can conduct business, the risk still outweighs the rewards in their minds. Couple the 'if it isn't broken, why fix it?' mind set with the telecom meltdown of the early 2000's and it isn't surprising that widespread adoption of new telecom services has lagged. However, the new technologies of IP-based voice systems are finally starting to gain an audience, and the chorus of satisfied customers continues to grow. As this momentum pushes forward, so does general acceptance of it viability.

"The average cost of a business phone line from the Local Bell Operating Company (ILEC) has remained constant for the past ten years" noted Edwin Jones, a senior market analyst and telecom industry expert. "At the same time the prices of T-1 lines have declined from near $1000 per month to a staggering $350. Keeping in mind that a T1 connection is the equivalent of 24 regular phone lines all bundled into one, it comes as no surprise that demand for these services in on the rise."

Will this train of innovation, lower prices, and services that add value to SMB's continue to roll down the tracks of progress? It's all up to our government - and which political party controls the FCC. Without the deregulation act of 1996, we would have never known just how much the CLECs were capable of. The golden age of telecommunications may be upon us, based upon our research and recent uptick in customer satisfaction. Although the industry has years of bad blood to overcome, recent innovations such as the dynamically configuring T1 line are proof that progress is indeed being made.

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